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The outcome of a localization job is not only an accurate translation into the target language, but a fully functional product (testing of localized applications). We search for the proper keywords and ensure that localized texts are also optimised texts (SEO and SERP).

  • software, GUI
  • help localization
  • test planning and management
  • GUI testing
  • functional testing
  • globalization, internationalization
  • software engineering

Czech website localization

  • graphics localization
  • internationalization
  • testing of localized websites

Smith Language Services

  • maximum flexibility
  • close specialisation in English and German - more
  • attractive rates - more
  • up-to-date translation methods - more
  • ongoing involvement of native English and German speakers - more
  • terminological accuracy (QA)
  • 100% fulfilment of the most demanding deadlines
  • excellent knowledge of the Czech language - more
  • fast communication - more
  • perfect computer literacy

Quality Assurance

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Most frequent fields: