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Services Mgr. Jakub Kovář

We have been in the translation, interpreting and localisation business since 2002.
The result is a large pool of loyal and satisfied customers.

200+ regular and satisfied clients.

Quality we can guarantee.

We translate technical, product, marketing and legal texts and provide interpretation for technical meetings, business negotiations and courtesy meetings as well as international conferences.

What we specialise in

Besides translation and interpreting in both general and highly specialized fields, we are the only contractor on the Czech market who can combine the following disciplines:

  • architecture
  • civil engineering
  • railways
  • civil and railway design
  • building legislation
  • HSL construction
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Thanks to this specialisation, we work for these clients

Join a growing pool of regular clients and benefit from high added value!

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Our clients particularly appreciate our

Top quality, precision and reliability
Specialisation, expertise and personal approach
Cost-effective solutions

That is why our client portfolio has been stable and growing.

Read how we are rated by experts from prominent Czech companies.

Technical translations

We approach every piece of translation text on a case-by-case basis and look for the most cost-effective solution, yet always based on precision and consistency. We translate for major multinational organizations, medium-sized companies as well as small local businesses.

  • What we translate most frequently

    technical manuals, contracts, technical documentation, project documentation, technical reports, bills of quantities, marketing texts, feasibility studies, press releases, product descriptions, legal and technical texts

  • Always at a good price

    Thanks to use of the latest translation tools (including MT), we can deliver large volumes of text in a short time and at an attractive unit cost. We build translation memories that we use for other identical or similar translations. Our clients have already discovered how much time and resources they save.

  • Text localisation

    In addition to translations, text localisation involves the adaptation of the content and form to local customs (cultural differences, length of text, etc.). Localisation also includes optimization for internet search engines.

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Interpreting is something we do daily. We handle simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, both online and on-site. Providing interpretation for challenging technical meetings, tough business negotiations, conferences, events, etc. is our particular strength. We use the latest interpreting systems.

Let us customise our service to your specific needs. The key feature of our interpreting services is the highest possible added value at a favourable price.

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Proofreading and editing

We provide language proofreading of various types, including professional proofreading of English manuscripts for publication in foreign journals and proofreading of marketing texts.

We will ensure that your texts are written in excellent English, with maximum accuracy and effectiveness.

We work with universities, research centres and businesses that need to improve the quality of their texts.

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Do you need creative and effective texts for your marketing campaigns? Our team of copywriters is here to help you! We provide copywriting for specific target audiences to help you achieve your goals.

Our experts have vast experience in creative writing, creating manuals, marketing texts and slogans. We will help you create texts that will stand out among your competitors and bring you success.

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Smith Language Services – Mgr. Jakub Kovář

+420 608 22 33 44
Rezkova 25b, 60200 Brno

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Smith Language Services – Mgr. Jakub Kovář

+420 608 22 33 44
Rezkova 25b, 60200 Brno

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